JIN Guidelines

The Birth of the JIN Guidelines

The JIN held its inaugural conference in Singapore on 10 and 11 October 2016 which concluded with the issuance of a set of guidelines titled “Guidelines for Communication and Cooperation between Courts in Cross-Border Insolvency Matters” also known as the JIN Guidelines. The first JIN members contributed to the drafting of the JIN Guidelines.

The JIN Guidelines received the “Most Important Overall Development” award presented by the Global Restructuring Review (“GRR”) at the 2017 GRR Award ceremony held in June 2017.

The Objectives and Function of the JIN Guidelines

The JIN Guidelines address key aspects of and the modalities for communication and cooperation amongst courts, insolvency representatives and other parties involved in cross-border insolvency proceedings, including the conduct of joint hearings. The overarching aim of the JIN Guidelines is the preservation of enterprise value and the reduction of legal costs.

For a copy of the JIN Guidelines as prepared at the inaugural JIN conference in October 2016, please click here. The versions adopted by the following courts may be accessed in the links below:

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware

via Rule 9029-2 of its Local Rules (effective 1 February 2017)


The Supreme Court of Singapore

via Registrar’s Circular No.1 of 2017 with effect from 1 February 2017


The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York

with effect from 17 February 2017 via its General Order M-11


The Supreme Court of Bermuda

with effect from 9 March 2017 via Circular No.6 of 2017


The Chancery Division of England & Wales

with effect from 5 May 2017 via the Chancery Guide amended as at May 2017


The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

with effect from 18 May 2017 via Practice Direction 8, No. 2 of 2017 made pursuant to Rule 8(2) of the Insolvency Rules 2005


The Supreme Court of New South Wales


The US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida


The Seoul Bankruptcy Court


The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands

with effect from 7 August 2018 via Practice Direction No. 1 of 2018


The Commercial List Users’ Committee of the Superior Court of Justice – Ontario (Commercial List)

An example of the adoption of the JIN Guidelines by the Superior Court of Justice – Ontario (Commercial List)
  - Re Payless ShoeSource Canada Inc. and Payless ShoeSource Canada GP Inc. (19 February 2019), ONSC 1215


The District Court Midden-Nederland (the Netherlands)